Mobile Digital Billboards in Miami


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As pioneers in bringing mobile billboards to North America, you can rely on our expert feedback to ensure your campaigns perform optimally.

Mobile Digital Billboards in Miami

Mobile Digital Billboards will help your brand grow as we have the right tools and technology to make it happen. We guarantee that your advertisement will be seen by many around your city.

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Here To Make Your Brand Better

Advanced Mobile LED helps to make your brand more well known. We will take your brand and turn it into something amazing for thousands of people to see around your city. We know how to differentiate you from competitors. Working with us will guarantee a successful set of campaigns to boost your image through visual truck advertising.

Take Your Message Anywhere

Whether you need to reach top markets like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston, or smaller markets where inventory is often limited, our mobile digital billboard trucks can reach nearly any area in any market in the United States and Canada.


Advanced Mobile LED is the most up to date company when it comes to digital billboard campaigns. When you work with us we can pair your mobile digital billboards with retargeting ads for your phone. This helps to driver greater recall and engagement.

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