Advanced Mobile LED is the premier outdoor advertising agency for mobile digital billboards. Since 2003, we have custom-built over 40 digital billboard vehicles for our proud business owners across the United States. We have the largest fleet in the industry with unmatched experience and expertise in executing high-performing campaigns for brands on a local, regional and national scale.

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Best Technology
Our trucks are equipped with the most up-to-date technology to make sure your LED advertising campaigns truly make an impact to those viewing it.
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Let the words and stunning videos grab the attention and create dialogue. Large, eye-catching LED screens with great visibility day or night…it’s hard not to look.
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Winning Campaigns
Our campaigns are created with your input to provide something unique. Not only do we want your company to succeed but help be a better brand.
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In combination with other channels like mobile, TV, and radio, reinforce your brand and inform your audience through events, promotions and support campaigns.
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Cost-Effective Service
Drive your message directly to your target audience. No wasted dollars. We make sure that we accommodate the budgets of all our clients.
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On The Move
Your audience is always moving and your message should be too. Mobile Digital Billboards can go where other forms of advertising are limited, or are not permitted.

Our Digital Trucks in Action

We Work For Your Brand


We are true leaders in mobile digital billboard trucks. We have over 15 years of experience in this space and our founders were the first to design, build and bring this medium to markets across North America.

Best Campaigns

Our campaigns generate a great return on your media investment. There is no better way to get in front of thousands on a daily basis than with our digital LED billboard trucks.


This form of advertising is the most effective due to its real-time capability. You can even stream live videos with dynamic audio. People can’t help but look and engage!

The Advanced Mobile LED Difference

Mobile LED Digital Billboards are a target based advertising medium that allow companies of all sizes to reach specific audiences with specific messages in a real-time context. As part of the revolution in digital-out of home media, they offer many advantages over other channels in today’s cluttered advertising landscape.

We are a trusted partner in driving your message home.

Our Experience

Over the last 15 years, Advanced Mobile LED has grown tremendously as an outdoor advertising agency, manufacturing and supplying LED mobile billboard vehicles, as well as executing thousands of campaigns for small businesses, political, health and government organizations, and many Fortune 500 brands.

Your Advertising Future

Advanced Mobile LED helps to make your brand more well known. Not only are we pioneers in bringing mobile digital billboards to North America, we know how to differentiate you from competitors.

We make sure all your questions are answered and you are comfortable with the campaigns we are creating for you.

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  • You decide your flight dates, routes and creatives. Change them on the fly at no added cost. Completely exclusive – 100% SOV.
  • Have a question? Need our advice? We make it a priority to provide the best absolute experience for all our clients.
  • We own the largest fleet of mobile digital billboards in the country, capable of executing campaigns in any state.
  • As the pioneers in bringing mobile digital billboards to North America, you can rely on our expert feedback to ensure you campaigns perform optimally.

Brands We Work With

Our advertising solutions can be tailored to fit any brands needs. Below are just a handful of the brands we’ve been able to help connect with targeted audiences over the years.

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